Django API for cleverreach



pip install django-cleverreach

Add this to your

CLEVERREACH = {'api_key': '<API KEY>',
               'raise_exceptions': DEBUG,

It’s highly recommended to also put cleverreach list and form ids as well as the user parameters in there, so you have them if you need them. The easiest way to find the group id is by checking the URL of the group on the receiver groups page.

Django-cleverreach uses the suds module:


import cleverreach.api
client = cleverreach.api.Client()  # This opens up a connection to cleverreach.

you can silence errors by setting raise_exceptions to False. In this case the module logs errors using the logger cleverreach.api.

The module throws Exceptions of type cleverreach.CleverreachAPIException and suds.WebFault in case of a network error.

The currently supported API version is 5.1.

There is a helper function cleverreach.utils.insert_new_user() which takes a User instance or a cleaned_data dictionary and sends it to cleverreach.

WARNING: cleverreach updates its APIs and turns old ones off without notice.
Keep track of your installations and update this repository as needed.

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